14 June, 2021

Durian price in Vietnam was more volatile than in Thailand

Vietnam is the world’s third largest exporter of durian in 2020. Domestic prices of durian are slowly increasing in the Vietnamese market while in Thailand market it is falling slightly as compared to last year. Prices of durian in Vietnam have been fluctuating more than that in Thailand. The YoY price change of durian in Thailand this week is -4.36% while the YoY price change of durian and Vietnam is +15.35%.

The price of Thai durian has been fluctuating between 2.79 USD per kilogram and 5.36 USD per kilogram from June W2 2020 to May W6 2021. The price in May W6 2021 stood at 3.26 USD per kilogram. The price is 0.15 USD lower than the wholesale domestic price in June W2 2020 and 0.03 USD lower than the price last week.