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13 June, 2018

Study in Taiwan




Studying under the internship program in Taiwan is an integrated university program at Kao Yuan University (KYU), Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. Under this program, students can study both professionally and professionally to earn living expenses, study and accumulate finance for the future. Instead of having to pay for study abroad for four consecutive years, studying abroad under the scholarship program internship study and work in Taiwan not only help students cover the full cost of study and living in Taiwan, but also equipped with the knowledge and skills to meet the rigorous work requirements of any company or business in the world. In the process of studying under the internship program of study in Taiwan, students are assigned to work at prestigious corporations and companies in Taiwan without worrying about the consequences. Learning outcomes. Graduates who are well-equipped with knowledge and practical experience receive a University degree from KYU, a renowned Taiwanese university. The only university with a job center at the school, the only Technical College with a high-speed train station, won 504 medals at the International Patent Fair, won 1,251 awards at national and international competitions. Awarded the “Product Design Award”, the “iF Design Talent Award” in Germany, and the “Industrial Design Excellence Award” in the United States. From 2013 to 2015, the number of projects supported by the National Science and Technology Cooperation Council will increase to 645 with a total value of NT $ 634,990,000. This is also where the Taiwanese government allows the accreditation of technology products as well as application technology development for the famous Taiwanese corporations such as Luxugen car company, Kimco motorcycle company … Also students It is fully equipped in English and Chinese to work in any multinational company around the world.

The majors are awarded internship scholarships in 2018 and are arranged under the Taiwan Government’s support program as follows:

Mechanical Engineer
Automation Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Environmental studiesUpon graduation, in addition to a university degree, students will be issued additional certificates if they are affiliated with foreign universities.

The number of students in the 2016-2017 school year is over 8,000 and it is expected that the 2017-2018 school year will increase to 12,000 students.

Eat, stay and study:

First year students are supported: 3,000 NT $ / month Students are provided with standard school accommodation, full Wifi, air conditioning, water heater, private toilet, washing machine, dressing machine, drinking water purifier, refrigerator …
Students buy health insurance at school: NT $ 749 / person / month.
Students buy student insurance: NT $ 750 / person / year.
Students are provided with workplace insurance.
The school is free for air conditioning, if you use the self-payment of electricity.
Wifi equipment is installed by the school, each NT $ 1,120 – NT $ 1,400 / person / year (divided by the number of people in the room)
Air Conditioners: Summer is 1000 degrees free, winter is 800 degrees free (1000kw = 1 degree) per person (how many people in a room, multiplied by the number of free rooms for the whole room)
Temporary accommodation: NT $ 1,000 / person / year.
Cost of labor card: NT $ 100 / person / 6 months.
Expenses for books, learning materials: 1,000 – 3,000 NT $.
Each week students will practice 1-2 sessions at work.

Based on the needs of studying and career orientation, the school will arrange the factory in Taiwan to work in accordance with the training.
Students with first level Chinese skills are provided with the following:
+ 1st year: students are allowed to work 80 hours / month

+ The first 2 years: students are arranged to work more according to the regulations of the school and increase income. Can work from 40-60 hours per week.

Income ranges from 21,000 – 23,000 NT $ / month (1h = NT $ NT – NT $ 120)
The works are located in large factories, mainly high technology, producing super-fasteners for electronic assembly plants such as Khanh Dat, An Thac, Tan Mo, Xuyen Ho. , Cuong Mao and the Resort.
For the second year of management, when working in the Uu Chuong Resort, the tuition fee will be NT $ 6,000 per month and NT $ 1,000 per month. job)
Income Tax:

Students are required to pay income tax in accordance with the regulations of the Government of Taiwan for the first year (due to less than 183 days stay in Taiwan) of 16% of income. The 183 days are calculated for the second year and the income tax is reduced to 5% and 11% of the year 1 tax is refundable

A total of 4 years of schooling is divided into 8 divergences, each diverging 4.5 months.
Period 1 from August to January next year
Week 2 from February to July
Winter vacation in January + 2
Summer vacation in July + 8
Summer vacation can still work full time at Taiwanese businesses
Visa is granted for each year and will be extended immediately in Taiwan

• Specialization in mechanical engineering, automation and electrical engineering: 38,000,000 VND
• Environmental technology: 33,000,000 VND
50% discount on tuition fees for Chinese language students
100% tuition fee discount for Chinese level 1 students

Dormitory Fee:
• Type 1: Outside toilet (applies for 4 persons / room): NT $ 10,140 / person for 6 months.
• Type 2: Inside toilet (applies for 4 persons / room): NT $ 11,790 / person for 6 months.
• Type 3: Outside toilet (applies for 6 persons / room): NT $ 9,140 / person for 6 months.
• For first-level Chinese students a 100% discount for the first semester of year 1.
• For Chinese students, level 2 is reduced by 50% for the first semester of year 1.
• Average cost per student is NT $ 60.

Deadline for application and selection:
Prepare at least 3 months in advance.
Admission is in February and September.
Prior to attending KYU, students are geared to work and income levels.
Interviews were conducted directly with KYU over the network.
Time to review: Fast one week, 2 weeks late.

Entrance requirements
• Vietnamese citizens between the ages of 17 and 30. Qualified in terms of legal, health, financial, academic, Chinese proficiency, unmarried.
Details are as follows:
• Male height of 1m6 or more weighs 50kg
• Female height 1m55 weighs 45 kg
• When working in electronics factories: y / c 17 years old – 25 years old
• When working in screw factories: y / c 17 – 30 years old.
• No criminal record, not subject to exit ban in Vietnam or entry into Taiwan.
• Do not suffer from diseases such as TB, lung, HIV … Especially not color blind, not sweating hands and can read the English alphabet.
• Have sufficient financial capacity to meet Taiwan’s visa requirements.
• Minimum education graduated from high school with force from average 6.0 or above
• Level 1 and 2 Chinese speaking ability (if students do not speak Chinese, they will be trained in the Chinese language center of the institute)

Procedures and records
The following documents and procedures are required for studying in Taiwan:
1. Academic transcripts, transcripts (original), average academic results of 6.0 and above
2. Household registration book + ID card + birth certificate
3. Original passport
4. High school diploma (original) or high school graduation certificate
5. The highest degree or vocational certificate (if any)
Photo 4×6 cm: 40 pcs
7. Confirmation by the Bank of the financial proof required by the Taiwanese Consulate at least 100 million VND. Financial support report
8. Health certificate of Transportation Hospital or Trang An Hospital (Form B in the registration form)
9. Judicial Verification / CVs
10. Other Chinese or foreign language certificates (if any)
11. Application form (attached with a 4×6 photo): 2 copies
12. Written commitment: 1 copy
13. Power of Attorney: 1 copy
Self-narrative: 1,000 words in English or Chinese (optional)
15. A copy of the registration fee bill

• All Chinese translations are notarized.
• INFACEN can assist applicants in completing some papers

Cost of undergraduate study under internship study program:
• Full tuition admission fee: VND 58,000,000, inclusive
– Charge for Chinese language study and accommodation for 4 months (for non-native speakers) in Vietnam
– Examine and issue Chinese Language Certificate 1 and 2 as required by the University
– Orientation training before visa application
– Procedures for processing applications and visa applications.
– Notary translation of candidate profile
– Receiving students in Taiwan and handing them to the school
• Cost does not include:
– Anti-evasion pile / Guarantee money
Admission Fee:
Full tuition admission fee: 58,000,000 VND, including:
Learn Chinese and stay in 4 months studying in Vietnam
Orientation training before applying for a visa
Visa application procedures
Flight tickets
Translation of student profiles, medical examination …
Receiving students in Taiwan and handing them over to the school

Payment Process
• First time: 70% submitted with enrollment
• 2nd time: 30% after visa application
The admission fee will be paid directly to the INFACEN Institute of Technology and Education.
The path of study abroad under the scholarship program is internship study
Students who do not speak Mandarin: Four months of Chinese are required to be issued with a Level 1 or Level 2 certificate.
Students who have known level 1 or 2 will be considered for admission under the program.

Websize of Kao Yuan University:

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