Education & Technology

1 July, 2021

Digital transformation for enterprises

In June 2021, HAFACEN surveyed 500 businesses that are growing strongly in Vietnam, the results show that: 90% of businesses have started to pay attention to digital transformation, 30% of businesses think that community is a matter of life and death for them. Enterprises, 54.5% said that they would apply college in production and business. In addition, the trade union is one of the six priorities of enterprises in the business strategy in 2021, including: cutting costs, building a risk system, increasing labor productivity, improving quality, and applying college to products. business, improve the quality of the management team.

Vietnamese enterprises currently have many conditions to deploy trade unions because the Party and State are particularly interested in this activity. In particular, the e-Government development strategy towards digital government in the 2021-2025 period, with a vision to 2030, in which priority is given to eight areas: health, education, finance-banking, agriculture, and transportation. transport – logistics, energy, resources – environment, industrial production. In addition, Vietnam now has a significantly developed digital infrastructure; action and support programs for community colleges of ministries, branches, localities and associations; The force of solution providers, the community platforms are constantly evolving for businesses to choose from.

During the period when the Covid-19 epidemic had a great impact on businesses’ operations, many businesses operating in the traditional way faced difficulties, so they were forced to change and actively find ways to adapt. It is promoting the application of technology to find customers and export online; apply more technology to operate the management and business apparatus in order to connect the market, restore and maintain production. Not only commercial and service enterprises, currently, a number of industrial production enterprises are interested and have a great demand for colleges, because these are the subjects who are facing many management problems, as well as changing requirements to catch up. match the global supply. Accordingly, businesses are focusing on digitizing business activities, from product marketing to sales…; digitization of management processes, production processes, technological processes, financial management, accounting, human resources, reporting, monitoring and evaluation… It can be said that this is a transformation process. comprehensive digital to create new products, services and models for enterprises.

College is to create a new business model, apply technology to management and solve problems in businesses and society. Accordingly, the current urgent solution enterprises need a unit that understands the needs of the business to assess the level and readiness of the enterprise’s assets; assess the suitability and feasibility of the related college products and services; Helping businesses to build strategies and choose the right solutions for the community…

In addition, the major barriers of enterprises in implementing training programs are still mainly due to the high cost of digital technology application, lack of infrastructure, fear of information leakage, lack of qualified personnel Small and medium enterprises in Vietnam currently account for 97%, still facing many difficulties, especially the challenge of capital, according to which, with experience based on the interests of customers, the success of suppliers is the success of suppliers. solutions, digital transformation solution providers should focus and pay attention to the capacity of enterprises to offer optimal technology solution packages.

In addition, the Government should support the community through strengthening the development of rules and regulations to promote paperless business; financial support for the application of digital technology, transparency of rules and regulations on data management.