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3 November, 2018

2nd RubberPRO 2019-Global Buyer Seller Meet at  Bombay Exhibition Centre, India (17-19/01/2019)

HAFACEN would like to send our Customer the invitation to join 2nd RubberPRO 2019-Global Buyer Seller Meet for Rubber Product”  at  Bombay Exhibition Centre, India from 17th to 19th, Jan, 2019.

Event overview:

Welcome to 2nd RubberPRO 2019-Global Buyer Seller Meet for Rubber Products at IRE 2019; 2nd RubberPRO 2019-Global Buyer Seller Meet for Rubber Products is being organized by the All India Rubber Industries Association (AIRIA).

AIRIA provides a platform for interaction between Indian entrepreneurs within India and rest of the world and 2nd RubberPRO 2019-Global Buyer Seller Meet for Rubber Products is AIRIA’s initiative to bring 100+ renown Global Buyers to source their product requirements from India.

AIRIA is pleased to offer Hosted Buyer Packages to qualified buyers from Africa, ASEAN, LATAM , CIS, SAARC, Middle East & Rest of the World who are interested in product sourcing from India.

All approved hosted foreign buyers will be eligible for

  • Pre-Planned 1-to-1 meetings with Indian Sellers at the event.
  • Complimentary to-and-from economy class air-ticket from the nearest international airport in their country to Mumbai, India.
  • Complimentary 3 night stay in 4/5 star hotel at Mumbai for attending the event.
  • Complimentary Coach Transfers from Hotel Venue Hotel to attend the event.
  • Complimentary Luncheon at venue.
  • Visa Recommendation letters to obtain Indian visa in their home country.

 Products on Display

10th India Rubber Expo 2019 will display a comprehensive range of: Automotive rubber components, Conveyor and transmission belts including – V belts,Footwear, Hose pipes, Industrial rubber parts, Natural rubber & latex, Reclaimed rubber – all types, Rubber blankets and aprons, Rubber chemicals, Rubber coating solutions and compounds, Rubber extruded profiles, Rubber latex dipped goods and latex foam, Rubber machinery, Rubber rollers, Rubber seals, Rubber sheerings and mattings, Rubber thread and cord, Tread rubber – procured and uncured, Tyres tubes and flaps of all kinds including solid tyres

Easy to apply

In this regard, Hafacen would like to invite our Valued Customers who can follow our schedule and have the business related to Chemical, Plastic, and Rubber Industry for joining with us @ “2nd RubberPRO 2019-Global Buyer Seller Meet for Rubber Products”.

The applicants need to be provided information as below:

  1. Customer Company Profile
  2. Buyer Registration Form
  3. Applicant Passport – for register and apply Visa.

Please note that the detail of flight and accommodation booking information will be provide right after your apply form is approved.

If you need any enquiry or information, please contact to me as below:

Please feel free to contact us for any clarifications.

Thanks and Best regards.